Robert was born in Palo Alto, CA, but spent most of his childhood in San Diego, CA. While attending college in San Diego, initially on track for business marketing. He later redirected his studies to concentrate on Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management.

While in college, Gutierrez worked at Michael Kors as the Sales Supervisor, overseeing the productivity and operational aspects of the Footwear Department. During Robert’s time at Michale Kors, he improved sales in his department by +115% to plan and represented 25% of total store volume.

In 2010, Robert Gutierrez Jr moved to Santa Monica, CA to join Burberry as the company’s Service Leader. Shortly after joining Burberry, Robert was appointed to manage the Clientele program. While overseeing the program, Robert implemented a new clientele program that balanced client relations and sales planning. The new program resulted in achieving a 95% customer service experience score as well as acquiring and retaining top-tier clients.

In August 2011, Gutierrez was recruited by Gucci. Joining Gucci as the Brand Manager was the perfect opportunity to enhance and take his current skill set to the next level. Robert finished his luxury retail career as the Training and Selling Specialist at Hermes of Paris on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA.

He is now an independent Advisor, Luxury Retail and Comsuer Goods, as well as the Proprietor of Made to Measure Market.

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